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the summer adventure workshop 2023

Evolve with Us is a workshop for the creative and adventurous heart.

The workshop will happen THURSDAY MAY 25TH, 2023  at the beautiful EH FRAME HAUS on Kennisis Lake in Haliburton, Ontario

This workshop will appeal to any photographer who is open to developing and refining their creative essence in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Be prepared for a boat ride ;)

We will be covering;

  • how to create connection with your clients

  • inspiration and finding your style

  • understanding light and composition and how it tells a story

  • editing and being consistent

  • client expectations 

  • direction VS posing

  • one couples session

  • one mock elopement shoot

Activities our couple will be partaking in:

a walk through the forest, a canoe ride, swimming, a sunset dance, and champagne toast and much more.

Lunch, snacks, beverages will be provided. 



"a workshop for the creative and adventurous heart."

our speakers

about us


Hi there !!

I am Heather and fully disclosure;  I am epically bad at these bio pieces. So what can I tell you about me without sounding like an ad for a matchmaking site. My friends will tell you that I am a hippie at heart. 

I do feel a bit of a Janis Joplin soul ( I drive a VW Bug named Herbie), but maybe with a twist of Meryl Streep. 

I am a wife and partner to the greatest man. 

We celebrated our 30 year anniversary with a vow renewal at the same venue; on the same day. It was epic and awesome and so absolutely perfect. I am a mom and a grandma.  Yes; I am that old. Well at least in earth years; my soul feels about 31 and I can still do the same absolutely ridiculous; incredibly corny dance moves that I did at that age.

I love animals all animals. I am fur-mom to a Weimaraner and two Chinese crested and if you want to see me cry show me one of those facebook videos or a Disney movie.I am a lover of life.  


I love every exquisite, magical moment.

I value every connection;  the mystical bond that connects us to each other; it fascinates me and drives me to capture it. I believe in the beauty that exists in everyone. I love to laugh; the world needs more laughter.

I love beautiful things that make me cry.  I love nature; my hubby gave life back to a vintage trailer and we spend time together where there is no cell service, but lots of space to create memories. I believe in creativity; in pushing the limits.  I love the human face; the stories a portrait can tell. We all have stories; we all need to share those stories.  


I love light; like really love it.  

Light can set a mood; underline a mood or be completely over the top and in your face; but it is the thread that joins every story.

Not sure if you can tell by now but photography is not my job;  its driven by my soul and a yearning to create incredible stories of connection.

I am so epically excited to meet you and so pumped to see what you create.

Hi I am Aleisha,

 I love living in the quiet countryside with my husband Matt and daughters Evelynne and May. As a little girl, my mom and I would sit on the front porch on a rainy day and listen to the rain and thunder.

Now that I have my own front porch I still listen to thunderstorms and watch the rain I love experiencing this tradition with my daughters.

My love of natural beauty and the outdoors is woven into the images I take, which are simple and timeless.  I focus on my couples capturing their emotions and memories as they are experiencing them.

I cherish the lasting relationships that are built with all of my clients. 


I love LOVE and I can't wait to meet and guide you in your photography journey!


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Tel: 705-760-5247



Summer Adventure Workshop's 2021-2022

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