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How To Evolve And Succeed As A Photographer: A Workshop To Help You Find Your Creative Voice

Successful Photographers Adapt And Evolve. The path to developing your own creative voice as a photographer can be a journey — in fact, it can be an evolution. There are growing pains and lessons to be learned. You will experiment and try new things and with every life experience, your vision and voice will change and be refined. It can be messy but that’s evolution, baby! It’s all part of of what it takes to succeed as a professional photographer.

Feeling confident in your professional direction means being ready to adapt as things change. Trends come and go, technology is constantly moving forward, and the things that inspire you will change over time as well. Being able to channel that creative voice and communicate your vision to your prospective dream clients is a must. Investing in your own personal and professional development through workshops, collaborations and independent learning is key to a long and thriving career in photography.

Your Creative Voice Deserves To Be Shared. Chances are if you have chosen photography as your profession, you are a creative person with something to say. After all, when you look through that viewfinder to compose a photo it is your unique perspective and esthetic that guides you — it’s your creative voice as much as your skill and technique that sets you apart as a professional photographer.

In our experiencing looking at your fellow photographers as your community instead of as your competition is a game changer. Getting in tune with your own creative voice, refining your skills and finding the courage to step outside of your comfort zone is a lot easier when you have people to learn from, to challenge you and to inspire you.

That is what the Evolve Photography Workshops are all about.

A Photography Workshop For The Creative Heart.

Evolve Photography Workshops were created for the photographer searching for a chance to look a little deeper in order to grow personally, professionally, and creatively. These are workshops wrapped in adventure, fun and community and are much less structured and formal than your traditional photography workshop. No two events can even be the same because the magic of the workshop comes from the dynamic of the participants.

Like some other photography workshops you may have attended, there is room for skill building and adding to your portfolio. But Evolve goes beyond classroom style learning and is about having fun and challenging yourself creatively.

Each workshop offers you: A chance to play, experiment and dabble in a supportive environment

  • An opportunity to forge connections with other photographers

  • A time to reconnect with your inspiration and passion

  • A safe space to develop your creative voice and express yourself among peers

  • The chance to evolve as a creative professional

It is truly amazing what happens when creatives gather and dedicate themselves to growth and expression!

Sharing Knowledge And Experience To Evolve Professionally. Whether you are just starting out or an established photographer ready to start a new chapter, all are welcome. This leads to an amazing pool of experience, skill and creative vision for us all to learn from. While each workshop has a different focus, together you will learn about important business basics including creating authentic connections with your clients and managing client expectations. Hands on learning is also a component of each event (we’re big believers in learning by doing) and while you work with the couples, families, or individuals we are photographing that day you will get a chance to learn about and experiment with:

  • Understanding light and composition

  • Visual storytelling

  • Giving direction versus posing

  • Using your creative voice to tell a client’s story

These workshops are a collborative learning opportunity and will spark inspiration, reflection and — ultimately— evolution.

Finding Your Creative Voice And Building A Community Over Competition Mindset Each Evolve Photography Workshop is facilitated by me, Heather Doughty, and my colleague and friend Aleisha Boyd. Between us, we share 12 years of experience as professional photographers. We have seen it all and are firm believers in the magic of light, human connection, and living in the moment.

Professionally, we are committed to fostering a “community over competition” mindset for ourselves and others. Photography is a competitive industry and while a little healthy competition can drive you, community and collaboration offers a heck of a lot more. Each of us brings our own talent, skill and vision to our work and there truly is space for everyone once you find your voice and learn how to communicate your vision to prospective clients. Nothing is lost by collaborating and building each other up — and so much is gained!

This is the spirit we have infused into our Evolve Photography Workshops. We have seen so many photographers floundering around looking for guidance, support and inspiration — heck, we have been those photographers at different stages of our own lives. With the Evolve workshops we have created an immersive experience where photographers like you can play and flex your creative muscles.

Are you ready to evolve with us?

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